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Term 2 Week 6

Here is an overview of our learning activities for week commencing 6th December 2021.

This week in Phonics, we will be learning about different ways of making the ‘oa’ sound. This will include the ‘o-e’ split digraph as in hope, ‘oe’ as in toe, ‘ow’ as in snow and ‘o’ as in go. We will also be revisiting some of the tricky words that we have learnt this term.

In Maths, we will be continuing to work with numbers up to 20. This week we will do some more work on tens and ones before moving on to compare groups of objects and numbers. This week we will be combining English and RE and will be retelling the Nativity Story and building on basic sentences to add description and detail.

We will be practising our Nativity play on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. Please could all costumes be in school by Tuesday 7th December. Willow Class will not have PE on Wednesday afternoon but the PE lesson on Thursday morning will still take place.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please contact us using the class email address (