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Year 4 Summer Challenge: Summer Fun!

To keep you busy over the Summer Holidays, we have set you these challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Fly a kite.
  • Challenge 2: Make a bird feeder.  
  • Challenge 3: Paint a giant masterpiece.
  • Challenge 4: Grow and then eat your own vegetables.
  • Challenge 5: Organise a dance competition.
  • Challenge 6: Watch a film you haven’t seen before, pause it before the end, make up your own ending and act it out.
  • Challenge 7: Read a book under a tree.
  • Challenge 8: Press some flowers between two heavy books.
  • Challenge 9: Play noughts and crosses.
  • Challenge 10: Find different objects to practise balancing on.
  • Challenge 11: Play charades.
  • Challenge 12: Watch a yoga for kids video and join in.
  • Challenge 13: Make a marble run.
  • Challenge 14: Put watered down paints on your paper and then blow through a drinking straw to make cool designs.
  • Challenge 15: Go camping in your lounge- make a tent using a bed sheet.
  • Challenge 16: Use recycled materials to make a sculpture.
  • Challenge 17: Use baking soda and vinegar to make an eruption.
  • Challenge 18: Try and build a playing card tower.
  • Challenge 19: Paint rocks that you can hide later for others to find.
  • Challenge 20: Go to the seaside and build a castle with a moat.  


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: