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Term 5 Week 4 Home Learning Tasks

Here are the home learning tasks for Wednesday 12th May 2021. Completed home learning tasks need to be handed in by Monday 17th May 2021.


 This week we would like you to practise spelling some high frequency words. A 2Do has been set on Purple Mash for you to use. Our spelling words this week are: my, come, here, there, some, all, where, up, one, mum, had and can. Try writing some sentences using some of these words in your home learning book.  


This week we would like you to practise finding a half of a shape or object. When you make a half an object should be split into two equal pieces. Try dividing a biscuit or a piece of fruit in half. Remember to send us photographs of your home learning. You could also watch the following learning video: Sum1.5.3 - Find a half on Vimeo. You can also find it on the White Rose Maths website under Home Learning Summer Week 5 (Find a half).  Now try completing the worksheet.