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Term 5 Week 5

What Lilac Class are doing for the WB. 17.5.21

What we are doing this week in Lilac Class

WB: 17.5.21

In Maths this week in Lilac Class, we are continuing our work about adding mixed numbers moving onto more complex problem solving using our reasoning skills.  We will then be learning to subtract fractions and mixed numbers using bar models and number lines.   

In English, Lilac Class are planning a newspaper article about the sinking of the Titanic. For stimulus, we are looking at original copies of newspaper articles written immediately after the tragedy. Our focus is to examine how a newspaper report is structured.  We will be thinking about our headline and sub-headings to grab the reader’s attention.  The body of our text will come from a note taking sessions when we collated facts about the Titanic. Our conclusion needs to sum up key information and refer to what is expected to happen next. For example, an investigation into why so many people died and who is responsible.

This week for our Whole Class Guided Reading of ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill, we are developing our inference skills. In particular, Lilac Class are thinking about what is not evident in the text and where we as the reader have to think beyond the text and ‘out of the box’.  We are exploring Shackleton’s character and why he needed to stay positive in front of the crew. What might he really be thinking and why?

In RE, we are finding out what Muslims believe about God, exploring the concept of ‘Tawhid’ that means ‘oneness’. Tawhid begins with the idea that there is one God and teaches that oneness is central to the nature of Allah. We will be learning about some of the 99 beautiful names for Allah to help deepen our understanding.  

In Science this week, we are learning about food chains. Our key vocabulary is omnivore, herbivore, consumer, predator, producer, decomposer and scavenger.  In Topic, Lilac Class are considering why rivers are important and how they are a habitat for a wide range of wild life and used for transport, energy, farming and leisure.  In Music, we are creating our own graphic scores to show the instruments and dynamics that we hear when listening to Grace Williams’s ‘Sea Interludes’ for String Orchestra.  We will be learning about the string section of the orchestra.