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Term 3 Week 4

Here is an outline of your learning for term 3 week 4

Term 3 Week 4

Firstly, I would like to say how very much I am looking forward to welcoming all of the class back! 

If for any reason your child is not returning to school, please contact the Chestnut Team on our email address so you can receive work:


Here is an outline of our learning for this week:

Reading – We will be focusing on reading stamina in independent reading.  Children will also be read to by adults as usual.  We are really enjoying The Midnight Guardians and will be continuing with this exciting text!

Guided reading – We will be moving on with the text The Boy Who Grew Dragons.  There will be an opportunity to catch up on the text for those children who did not manage to read it during lockdown.

Spelling and grammar – We are looking at words ending with –cian, -sion, -ssion and –tian.  We will also be continuing work on noun phrases.

English – This week we will be focusing on vocabulary in a text on Ogres.  We will be practising dictionary skills and challenging ourselves to use exciting descriptive language.

Maths – We will continue with our unit on multiplication and division, looking specifically at written methods of multiplication.  There will also be number fluency work to support this.

RE – We are beginning a unit on Salvation, which will lead us up to Easter.  We will be considering the big question:  Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

Science – To support the learning done on States of Matter during lockdown, we will be carrying out some practical experiments.  This week we will be physically representing the 3 states of matter.

Art/DT – We will be learning some techniques to help us work with clay and will be making our own pots

PE – We will resume Friday sessions with Mr Luckhurst.