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Tuesday 9th February

Here are your home learning tasks for today.


Remember to read for at least 20 minutes at home today. This can be any type of text – fiction book, non-fiction, comic, newspaper, etc. A reading comprehension called ‘Safer Internet day reading comprehension’ has been included with this blog for you to complete if you wish.

Don’t forget to join the Willow Class storytime at 2:15pm today.


Today we are learning about the digraph ‘ie’ making the ‘ee’ sound in words like field, thief and chief. Previously we have learnt about the ‘ie’ digraph making an ‘igh’ sound and this is an alternative sound. Below are some videos to watch going through some ‘ie’ sound words.

ie digraph for /ee/ - Mr Thorne Does Phonics - YouTube

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ie/ in piece - YouTube

Talk about the ‘ie’ sound. Can you write the sound? Look at the activity sheet attached to this blog and fill in the missing sounds for each word. Can you write a sentence with one of the ‘ie’ words in?


Today our learning focuses on the poem ‘Hands on The Bridge’ by Michael Rosen. Attached to this blog is a copy of the poem and you can listen to it being read by Michael Rosen using the following the link: Hand On The Bridge | POEM | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen - YouTube

What other sounds does the poem make you think about? Perhaps cats purring, dogs breathing or a lawn mower engine vibrating.

Can you spot the rhyming words in the poem (train rain, talk walk)? Play a game where you say a word and your child has to say a real word that rhymes with it. Repeat with different words. Try to keep the pace fast. Give them suggestions if they get stuck. Talk about what rhythm is and all the different ones in the poem. You can write your ideas on the poem template included to this blog

We would like you to learn and perform either Michael Rosen’s poem or your own version of it.  Please feel free to send us a video of your poetry performance if you would like to.


There is a LIVE Maths Lesson at 9:30am which we would love you to join us for. Please have paper and a pencil available for writing. Our focus today is finding one more or one less than numbers up to 50.

Two worksheets for independent learning activities have been attached to this blog. You will be asked to represent numbers using pictures for one task and you need to find the missing numbers in the second task.

ICT: Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day 2021 and this year’s theme focuses on exploring reliability in the online world and thinking about how we can know what to trust online. The main goal of Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness and start a conversation about internet safety.

We would like you to watch or read the story of ‘Detective Digiduck’ here: Detective Digiduck! - Childnet. Discuss what WiseOwl tells Digiduck to do when they are feeling unsure about something online.

We would like you to create a poster telling people some ‘Top Tips for Searching Online’ using Wise Owl’s advice from the story (Talk about it with an adult. Check another website. Use books to help. Look out for things that seem strange.  Think about what you know already). You can also think up your own ideas.

As always, if you need help with any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact us via the class email address.