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Friday Challenge!

Next week is Shrove Tuesday. Therefore, this challenge is all about Pancakes! Today we are presenting you with a selection of Pancake related challenges to choose from.

Design Your Own Pancake Topping:

Lemon and sugar is a traditional topping to put on your pancakes. Can you design something a little more adventurous and personal to you.

Can you create a labelled diagram of what your pancakes will look like?

Can you create a set of instructions to make your pancakes?


Make You Own Pancakes:

Find a recipe. Measure out the ingredients. With the help of an adult cook your own Pancakes.


A Flipping Challenge:

Flipping Pancakes is an important part of the pancake cooking process. Today we are challenging you to investigate the following question:

‘What material is best for flipping?’

Here is what you need to do:

-Ask to borrow a frying pan from your kitchen.

-Pick a material (cardboard for example).

-Cut out a pancake sized circle from your material.

-Test how easy it is to flip. How will you measure this? Perhaps you might like to see how many successful flips you can do with it in 30 seconds.

-Record your results.

-Repeat your investigation with a range of different materials.

When you have finished your investigation, email us and tell us what you found out.