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Thursday 4th February

Here are today’s home learning tasks.


While learning from home, you should be aiming for at least 20 minutes reading per day. This can be any type of text – fiction book, non-fiction, comic, newspaper, etc.

You can also visit the Oxford Owl website and access books online . The login details are: 

Username: willow101

Password: pupil


Today we would like you to practise reading some of the tricky words. Look at the tricky word cards attached to this blog and practise the words that you are unsure of. If you can read them all then look at Phase 5b words on Phonics Play. Go to the PhonicsPlay website (username:jan21, password: home) and using the Train Your Brain activity to look more closely at each word. Watch the video via the link below for more information on Phonics Play.


Today we would like you to write a poem about things that make you happy. Start by watching the video via this link :

Think about what makes you happy and write your ideas in a list to create a poem. A template is attached to today’s blog.


Today, we learning about place value and how to place a 2-digit number on Tens and Ones grid. Watch the learning video below and complete the learning task on place value  which is attached to this blog.

Introducing place value (

Next look at the number tracks sheet. Can you complete the sequences by counting the objects?

Maths Fluency

Today we would like to practise counting in Tens. Watch the counting song video and try writing the number sequence counting in Tens.

The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden - YouTube

10, 20, 30, what comes next?


Get active with this 5-minute workout from Joe Wicks:

NEW!!! 5 minute BATMAN Workout for Kids | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Alternatively use the PE at home cards attached to this blog to create your own workout.

Creative (optional)

You could try to make and decorate some gingerbread people. There is a recipe attached to today’s blog. Maybe you could decorate them to look like your family or make a gingerbread hero.

Please remember to send photographs of anything you do to the class email address.