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Term 4 Week 5

Homework for Lilac Class for the week beginning 18.3.24

Written Homework to be completed by Tuesday 26th March 2024

Please learn the following words for a spelling test. This week we are learning to spell words that convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -en:

blacken   brighten   flatten   lengthen   mistaken straighten   shorten   thicken   tighten        

This week I would like you to write a sentence containing each word to show that you understand the meaning:  

  • Can you use commas, full stops and capital letters correctly? 
  • Can you use some direct speech in your sentences?  
  • Can you use a relative pronoun such: that, which, who, whom and where?
  • Can you use an expanded noun phrase? 
  • Can you use parenthesis – brackets, commas or dashes to show additional information?  

Please refer to the ‘Monarchy’ Sheet that gives different strategies for how to learn spellings. This has been stuck in the front of your child’s Homework Book.

English Task: This week I would like to create an information sheet or fact file about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  Can you find out the following?

  • What is he most famous for? 
  • When was he born and when did he die?
  • What education did he receive?
  • Why was he important for Bristol?

Online Tasks: For Purple Mash please finish reading our e-book ‘Ollie and the Great Stink’. Your login for Purple Mash has been stuck in your Homework Book.