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Term 1 Week 6

Homework for Lilac Class for the week beginning 9.10.23

Written Homework to be completed by Tuesday 17th October 2023

Please learn the following words for a spelling test. This week we are learning to spell words that end in ies when in the plural:

category   categories   community   communities   opportunity   opportunities   variety   varieties   supply   supplies

This week I would like you to write a sentence containing each word to show that you understand the meaning.  Can you use commas, full stops and capital letters correctly?  Please refer to the ‘Monarchy’ Sheet that gives different strategies of how to learn spellings.  This has been stuck in the front of your child’s Homework Book.  Also look at the VCOP sheet that gives examples of sentence openers to develop sentence writing.

English Task: For your research this week, find out as much as you can about the Moon.  How far away is it from the Earth?  How big is it?  Why does the Moon shine?  What are the different phases of the Moon?  Draw a picture of the two sides of the Moon. 

Online Tasks: For Purple Mash I have set you Chapter 5 of ‘Alien Hotel’ (our e-book).  Your login for Purple Mash has been stuck in your Homework Book.  Click the bell once you have logged in to view the book.