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Term 6 Week 5

Homework for Lilac Class for the wb. 4.7.22

Written Homework to be completed by Tuesday 12th July 2022

  1. Please learn the following words for a spelling test. This week we are learning words that convert nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ate. 

 pollinate   captivate   activate   motivate   communicate   medicate   elasticate   hyphenate   alienate   validate   

  1. This week I would like you to write a sentence containing each word to show that you understand the meaning. Please put a comparative conjunction (e.g. as well as, also, equally, similarly, likewise) or contrasting conjunction (e.g. alternatively, although, whereas, while, in contrast, however, despite) into your sentence. Can you use an expanded noun phrase?  Can you use commas, dashes or brackets to show additional information? Can you use some direct speech? Remember to use a range of punctuation.  You do not need to do all of these things!  Try using at least three! 
  2. English Task: Find out as much as you can about the Duck Billed Platypus.  What animal group does it belong to?  Where in the world would you find this animal? Describe its habitat. Draw a picture of this animal.
  3. Online Tasks: For Purple Mash I have set you Chapter 1 of ‘An Invasion of the Navvies’’ (our new e-book) and a quiz to go with this.  For Classroom Secrets Kids I have set you a task entitled Decimal Sequences. Just have a go and see how much you can complete!  Your logins for Classroom Secrets Kids and Purple Mash have been stuck in your Homework Book.