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Willow Class

Teaching Team: Mrs Pring, Mrs Packham and Mrs Delaney



Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Year 1! I’m very excited to be spending this year with your children and I am really looking forward to the year ahead. The class teaching team this year will be myself (Mrs Pring), Mrs Tompsett (Thursday and Friday), Mrs Delaney (Monday) and Mrs Packham (Tuesday to Friday). We are also lucky to have other adults visiting us during the week to work with some of the children.

Some housekeeping points:

•  We will have P.E. every Monday and Thursday afternoon so please remember to send your child to school with kits ready for these days. It is useful if the children’s PE kits stay in school as we sometimes do PE on other days and the children are also able to use them as spare clothes. The kits will be sent home each half term for washing.

•  Children should not be wearing jewellery to school apart from small studs earrings. If possible please send your child in without earrings on PE days. Alternatively we will cover earrings with microporous tape for PE lessons but this is not ideal.

•  Long hair needs to be tied back, particularly on PE days. This is for health and safety reasons and can prevent the spread of hair lice.

•  Please make sure that ALL items of school uniform are clearly named. This will prevent any items going missing or being picked up accidently. Finding missing items of clothes can be distressing for the children and very time consuming for adults.

•  We encourage every child to drink water during the school day so please could you provide your child with a named water bottle to use in school. If you forget your child’s water bottle, please speak to a member of staff in the morning and we are happy to make sure they have a cup or bottle to drink from for that day.

• Please can you also make sure that your child has a waterproof coat with them in school as we will be playing outside as much as we can despite the English weather! Wellies are not essential but can be useful to avoid soggy feet in the rain.

• As the children are now in Key Stage 1, please say goodbye on the playground before they enter the classroom. Children will be dismissed from the classroom in a similar way to when they were in Acorn Class, with a member of staff at the door calling the children when their adult is there.

• If someone else is collecting your child, please tell a staff member in the morning or telephone the school office if arrangements change during the day.

• Toys from home should not be brought into school.


Our topic this term is ‘Our Town’. This will involve learning about Tunbridge Wells and some of its key features, such as:

History – significant event, people and places in and around Tunbridge Wells.

Geography – geographical vocabulary to describe the local area and its features, looking at maps of the local area and making our own maps.

English – basic sentence structures including using punctuation and word choices, learning correct letter formation and writing using different styles (story writing, non-fiction writing, poems).

Maths – number formation, counting and recognising numbers to 100, naming and describing shapes, mental recall of counting in 1s, 2s, 10s and number bonds for 10 and 20. 

RE – what Christians believe God looks like and why Christians celebrate Harvest Festival and Christmas.

Science – everyday materials and seasonal changes.

Art/D&T – designing and making pictures using different art materials. We will also be exploring and mixing colours.

Home Learning

Reading – We encourage the children to do as much reading as they can. 10 minutes reading per night at home would really help your child. Books are changed by Mrs Packham and Mrs Delaney when children’s reading records indicate they have finished their books. Please ensure that books borrowed from school are returned and be sure to comment in your child’s reading record so that we can change the books as necessary. In class we often ask children questions about what they have read to check their understanding. It would be useful if you could also do this.

Spellings – From October your child will bring home a home learning book each Friday containing spellings to learn. Spellings will be tested on the following Wednesday. Please write a note in your child’s home learning book if you have any concerns.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me or a member of the Willow Class team. We are usually available at the beginning or end of the school day for quick conversations. Alternatively contact the school office if you want to make an appointment to see me.


Best Regards,


Mrs Pring