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Sports Premium


Schools receive P.E and Sports Premium Funding based on the number of pupils in Years 1 to Year 6.

The DFE publish a spreadsheet showing the breakdown of P.E and Sports Premium funding for the academic year.



We are eligible to receive £18,000


How to use the P.E and Sports Premium

Schools must spend the funding to improve the quality of the P.E and sport activities they offer their pupils, but are free to choose the best way of using the money.

e.g hiring of specialist teachers, hire of qualified sports coaches to work with teachers, provide staff with teaching resources to help teach P.E and sport, run sports competitions, run sports activities with other schools, provide opportunities for the least active children.



Since September 2013, Ofsted inspections report on how primary schools spend their P.E and Sports Premium Funding.

Additionally, schools must publish details of how they spend their P.E and Sports Premium on the school website.


Key achievements this year/ What worked well:

To increase the participation of physical activity for all children.

In addition to a dedicated 2 hours PE and strong after school sporting opportunities we have introduced active lunch times where children are given the opportunity to learn new skills, use a variety of equipment and work together in team situations. We have increased our uptake of interschool competitions.

To have a better focus on KS1

KS1 have attended multi-skills festivals throughout the year. The children are much more engaged in physical activity on the playground with active lunchtimes.

To train sports leaders form years 5 and 6.

An additional 10 children have been trained as a SSCO crew. They are encouraged to take warm up sessions during PE and to raise the profile of sport across the school. During the two School Sport events these children helped support the prepartion and running of these events.

To look at the curriculum and resources.

Curriculum and equipment has worked well. The class teachers feedback has been positive and that plans are easy to follow and put in place. New gymnastics mats have been ordered to support gymnastics and dance elements of the curriculum.

Sports coaches have been employed to help train and add CPD opportunities for staff. These have been targeted at areas of the PE curriculum in which staff have felt less confident and have been well received. This will continue into next year.

PE Subject leader has run a successful running club for two seasonal terms for children across the school.  Key children were invited to join the club.  The final session of their current run saw the children and staff improve on their times and also the amount they could run.  Those involved were very positive and look forward to next year. One family have continued to run together at the weekends.

To obtain the Sainsbury’s School Games Kite mark by the end of the academic year.

After achieving the Bronze award in 2015-2016 this year we have been awarded the Gold award! Higher participation in outside competitions and an increased percentage involved in after school sporting activities.


What will change next year:

* To set up a ‘change4life’ style club targeting those less active children. Work on solving issues around inter school competition attendance outside school hours.

* A targeted KS1 after school sports club focussing on key skills. A running club aimed at all ages and abilities to include KS1 children and demonstrate role modelling by KS2 children.

* SSCO will organise and run a sports hall athletics session once the weather has warmed up and the playground can reliably be used. This will feed in to them assisting with active lunchtimes.

* To ensure that the curriculum supports and precedes inter school competitions. To add more intra-school competitions in a variety of sports to again support inter school comps.

* To look into the possibility of further involvement in Forest Schools and to have staff members trained to lead these sessions.