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Progression in Calculations

This document has been created to support our school in the implementation of the new National  Curriculum for Mathematics (2014).  

The key to successful implementation of a school calculation policy is consistent use of representations (models and images that support conceptual understanding of the mathematics) and this policy promotes a range of relevant representations, across the primary years. Mathematical understanding is developed through use of representations that are first of all concrete (e.g. Dienes apparatus, Numicon,), and then pictorial (e.g. array, place value counters) to then facilitate abstract working (e.g. Columnar addition, long multiplication). This policy displays a logical and appropriate progression of representations and written strategies that develop children's conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. If at any point a pupil is struggling with a procedure, they should revert to concrete and/or pictorial resources and representations to solidify their conceptual understanding.