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Poetry by Year 6

The black


The black, metallic bombs drop from the murky sky,

Sinking swiftly towards the lemon- yellow buildings,

The fire is a ferocious dragon devouring everything in its way.

Germany laughs hysterically at England.

England in hell, spitfires whizz past innocent people like Jaguars in the sky.

Underwater submarines wait like starving sharks.

Children’s dreams in ruins.

Families broken apart.


What will Germany do next?

By Hori




The Blitz

All I can hear is screaming,

I try to shut out the world.

The monstrous bombs are raining down like acid rain.

Heat over comes me.

I feel someone dragging me out of the burning calamity.

The murky sky is full of swooping black birds, terrifying their prey.

My heart feels like a mallet against my chest.

Suddenly I know this is my end.

I can see flaming redness all around me.

It looks like a ferocious dragon, killing so many.

I knew my life was in terrible danger.

So, I ran as if wolves are at my heels,

Relief floods over me as I find shelter.

Thousands died but I loved to tell the tale.


By Amalia




The Blitz

Sitting in the cockpit,

I am terrified of the deadly gunfire,

Loud as monstrous thunder,

They whizz past my window like speeding horses.

I grab the controls, lurching to the left.

I spot the target.

I imagine it burning … destroyed…

I take aim.

My hand quivers like water down my hand.

I take a dep breath and press the button.

The button is released.

It plummets like a massive rock,

The gargantuan muscle crashes through the building like a thunderous giant…


The dragon’s breath rises up the burning buildings.

Innocent people are heart-broken

Families shattered apart,

My job is done!

By Ahnaf





A prickly red bush, spoiling the end of a perfect day;

A sly laugh echoing gently,

Swallowing a hot poker,

Grabbing a prickly roses stem,

The icy cold spirals of winter stabbing into someone’s heart,

Making people suffer slowly.

Black, the colour of burnt ashes,

Irritated with life

Death has a liking for it

Kindness absolutely hates it

Slyly creeping on you.

In a dark cave to plot evil plans

Your blood is mine!







Autumn Days


Leaves change colour and fall

Beautiful leaves on the ground

Rainy days are popular in Autumn

Sunny days have gone away

Green leaves disappearing like flies

Freezing days come quicker and quicker

Trees rocking side to side

Making me feel great

Cool air through the bodies






When Autumn drops

So do the leaves

In the mist

When the grass sleeps

It falls down to the ground.

The leaves not and turn brown.

But when it rains they are gold


When it goes

It all grows back!





Mothers Autumn



Season of mist and cold

People far and wide getting old

The winds howls at trees and blow

The rocks at the river begin to mould

The colour of leaves begin to glow.


Your mother told and sold

And being cold

Showed that she loves you

Even if,

                   Even if,

                                      Even if,

The roots weakened, sweetened and threatened

Had lost

Had lost their mother

‘The trunk’


The next day

The birth of babies

The mother does not let them go by giving them a blanket of snow keep them warm

‘The leaves’


The twigs shaking and swinging on a seat of a swing, not letting go,

Branches of the mother break off by humans


Their waiting and waiting

The mother trunk stills

Until Spring


The fun begins…..!!