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Tuesday 12th January

Daily plans for Tuesday 12th January 2021



1. Maths

If you did not do this yesterday, please work through the power point slides I uploaded about multiples.  If you feel that you need more practise at working with multiples work through the White Rose Learning Video again using the link about multiples and have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to jot down any answers or working out. Please remember to pause the video when you need to do calculations and give yourself plenty of time. Also remember that the answers are always given by the person who is presenting the videos. Remember to also show any of your working out. For your written task I have uploaded another set of Classroom Secrets worksheets with answers. These sheets are ‘varied fluency’.  Work through the sheets I normally give you.  Remember that the easiest starts with 1A.  Alternatively, you may feel you want to start with the easiest sheets and then work through the others as you go. 

2.  English

1. This week you will be working on a piece of extended writing in the form of a narrative (story writing).  The learning objective is to explore the thoughts and feelings of a character.  For this session I would like you to plan your piece of writing and organise your ideas.  Firstly, I would like to reread pages 15-16 of Chapter One ‘The Shilling Pie’ from Street Child.  Only read to the end of the paragraph that ends ‘in case they caught him and stole the pie’.  I do not want you to read any further.  Be a word detective and ‘Magpie’ (that means steal and jot down so that you can use for later) any words and phrases that the author Berlie Doherty has used to describe what Jim is feeling, what he sees, hears and smells.  For example, ‘his feet blue with cold’, ‘he could hear his stomach gurgling’, ‘his heart thudding’. I would like you to use the first person and not the third person when you write your narrative so write as if you are actually Jim.  For example, ‘my feet are blue with cold because I am wearing no shoes’.   On a piece of paper write the headings:  What I feel   What I see   What I hear    What I smell   Under each heading write down words and phrases from the text that you have found putting them in the first person.  Then also, make up some of your own because you are the author of your narrative so I want to see lots of your own ideas, as well as Berlie Doherty’s!  For example, what other words and phrases could you use to describe how hungry and cold Jim is?  Work through this brain storming activity with a grown up.  AT THIS STAGE YOU ARE ONLY PLANNING AND THINKING ABOUT IDEAS.  PLEASE DO NOT START TO WRITE YOUR STORY YET.

2.  Continue working through your ‘Talk for Writing’ Booklet.   Please fill in the table on page 12.  Look at the sub-headings on the left hand side and on the right hand side, put them in a logical order.  For example, ‘Wrapping it up’ would need to come at the end because you are summing up your information.  ‘Hooking the reader’s interest’ needs to come at the beginning.  Now read carefully ‘The information toolkit’ on page 13.  Re-read page 10 and find where Pie Corbett has used these tools in his description of Cave Elves. 


3.  Reading

Please remember to read independently for 40 minutes!  For your 30 minute Guided Reading Session I would like you to read with your grown up Chapters 2 and 3 of ‘Street Child’ as a paired reading activity. Take turns and talk about any tricky words that you find and what you think they may mean, looking carefully at the sentence it is in.  




Today I have given you a link for a PE lesson called ‘Coordination with Ball Skills’ that you can do at home.  The link is:





4.  Topic

1. I would like you to complete the sheet where you need to organise facts about Queen Victoria into the categories of Ancestors, Family Life, Royal Duties and Personality.  Use your fact file you completed and the slides I sent last week to help you. Finally, create your own ‘The Queen Victoria Quiz’.  One of the templates is for a multi-choice quiz and the other is for a question and answer quiz.  You can do either. 

2. As an ongoing activity I would like you to work on your own project.  Do a little bit of research about famous Victorians and choose one that you would like to study in more depth. This project will last for the term.  Include illustrations and pictures.  You can either type or hand write your project.  Dip into it when you have finished an activity and have some time.