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Wednesday 6th January

Work set for Wednesday 6th January 2021



1. Maths

Please watch the White Rose Learning Video about drawing line graphs. 

Click here

Pause the video when you need to do calculations.  The answers are always given by the person who is presenting the videos. Then work through the two sheets about drawing line graphs.  When you have completed these mark your answers using the answer sheet to check your answers. 

2.  English

1. Re-read your Winter Poem and check that you have used the conventions of poetry writing – metaphors (a descriptive phrase that is ‘not real’ for example ‘a blanket of snow’, similes (a description that uses ‘as’ or ‘like’, for example ‘As cold as ice’, icicles like daggers’, alliteration ( words that begin with the same sound, for example ‘freezing frost’), onomatopoeia (words that are the sound they make, for example ‘crash’, ‘whoosh’, ‘thud’, ‘bang’) and rhyme. Now level up your poem and make it even better!  Please send me your finished poem if you would like me to read it and we can put it on our Class Blog!

2.  Start to work through your ‘Talk for Writing’ Booklet that I have uploaded for you – ‘The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites’ by Pie Corbett.  World famous elf and sprite expert Pie Corbett is putting together the Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites.  Your job is to provide Pie with another entry about a type of elf or their smaller cousin thesprite.  Please complete activities 1-3 on pages 4-6.


3.  Reading

Please remember to read independently for 40 minutes!  For your 30 minute Guided Reading Session re-read the Preface and Chapter One of ‘Street Child’.  This time, with a grown up, do this as a ‘paired reading’ activity where you take turns reading sections of the text.  Pause to discuss words that you do not know or find tricky.  Be a word detective and look at the sentence it is in to try and work out what it means. 

4.  Topic

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper.  On one side write down anything that you already know about the Victorians and Queen Victoria and on the other side write down all the things that you would like to find out about the Victorians and Queen Victoria.  Then, with a grown up read through the presentations slides about Queen Victoria that I have uploaded for you to use.  After you have done this discuss with your grown up all the things you now know about this woman.  Why did she become Queen?  What was her childhood like?  What do you think it would have been like for Queen Victoria on the day she found out she had become Queen?  What did she do on a daily basis?  What was her personality like?