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Friday Challenge!

Build a Shuttle Landing System!

Each week Mr Mackinnon is going to set you a challenge on a Friday afternoon that you can complete over the weekend. This challenge is completely optional.

This week’s Friday challenge is all about getting a precious cargo down to Earth without breaking it. First, watch Mr M’s introduction to the challenge:

When space shuttles return to Earth they need to be able to gently land on the ground so that they are not damaged and the astronauts are not harmed.

For your Friday Challenge, I want you to design a way of getting a precious cargo back down to Earth without damaging it.

First, you will need to pick something fragile to drop. An egg works well but is a little bit messy. A water balloon is a good option too but can make things a little wet.

Next you need to design a system which will allow your precious cargo to return to the Earth safely when it is dropped from at least 2m in the air. Make sure you select recycled materials that you can find around your house.

You might like to think about designing some kind of landing pad. Or perhaps a system that will slow the item down when it falls so it lands gently. You might want to design a container which protects the item when it hits the ground. You might even like to combine all of these ideas.

When you have designed your system, build and test it. If the precious cargo gets to the ground safely then you know you have been successful. If it breaks, it is time to redesign and try again!

Send in pictures of your successful and unsuccessful attempts to your class email address so we can add them to the blog and announce the winner of the challenge in next Friday’s celebration assembly!

Good luck!