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The Iron Man - comprehension by Harrison

Harrison - you have worked really hard at the comprehension questions for the 2nd chapter of the Iron Man.  You have shown excellent understanding of the text!

Whole Class reading – THE IRON MAN


Harrison Ansell



Spring 1 – 2021: Week 2


P 20

Find the word that means to look at something steadily for a long time.




P 17

‘Now they reckoned the Iron Man would come over the top of the cliff.’

What does the word reckoned mean in this sentence?

Thought, believed.





P 12

‘Hogarth’s mother grew pale’ How was Hogarth’s mother feeling?





P 13

What do you think happened to the tractor? – Provide evidence from the text.


“He got out of his car and the other farmer came to look too. The tractor had been bitten off – there were big teeth-marks in the steel”



P 20

How can you tell that Hogarth didn’t want to be heard by the way he climbed down from the tree?

Hogarth carefully quietly hardly breathing – Hogarth was trying to be very quiet.




P 12

What do you think the green lights were?
Iron Man’s eyes



P 16

Why did the farmers have to dig a ‘colossal’ hole?  What did they want to use it for?


A trap to capture Iron Man. It needed to be so big because the Iron Giant is so big.





Why has the author repeated the word ‘hush’?  What does this make the reader think of?


To emphasise the need for quiet.





4th paragraph, starting ‘His father took down his double-barrelled gun.’

The author then uses lots of short sentences.  Why do you think that is?


The father is scared and not really thinking. He moves very quickly.





‘As if an iron skyscraper had collapsed.’  What does this suggest to the reader?


A very loud sound, lots of crashing – a very big structure hitting the ground.







Why had Hogarth been an unsuccessful fisherman that evening?


 “It was growing too dark to fish, his hook kept getting caught in weeds and bushes”




How did the farmers feel once the Iron Man has vanished into the sea?

The farmers were furious that the Iron Man had eaten their machinery. They were scared he might come back and eat people.





Why didn’t the farmers call the police or army to help?

The farmers didn’t think the police or army would believe them about the Iron Man.





In 3-4 bullet points, explain the farmers’ plan to trap the Iron Man.



  • Dug a very deep hole
  • Covered up the hole with straw and soil
  • They left ‘bait’; a red lorry that the hoped the Iron Man would eat.