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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Here is your learning for Wednesday 13th January 2021

Term 3 Week 2

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Good morning Chestnut Class!

Reading for 30 minutes.  You can do this in shorter chunks if you wish.  Please note down what you have read in your yellow reading record.

Spellings – we will be looking again at the –ture words we learned on Monday.  I have attached a sheet with these words and their definitions.  I would like you to read them carefully and see if you can write your own sentences to demonstrate your understanding.

Whole class reader – please complete the questions set for chapter 2.  They are attached to this post.  I have referred to specific pages to help when answering questions.  I have added page numbers to the chapter I included in Monday’s post.

English – Goblinology booklet. Today I would like you to have a look at the task on page 13.   Re-read the Cloud Goblin report on pages 8 and 9.  Add some words to the chart on page 13 that might help you write your own report.   Then, carry out the planning activity on page 14.  You can either choose one of the Goblins from page 5 or plan the report based on your own Goblin.

Maths – Today we will be measuring perimeter.  Here is the link to the teaching video:

I have attached the worksheet and answer sheet to this blog post.

Maths fluency – I have attached a mixed times table matrix

RE – Today you will be thinking about Jesus gathering his first disciples.  You will be thinking about things that are important to you and routine parts of your life.  You will try to imagine what it would feel like to give these things up, as the disciples did.  You will be exploring the idea of disciples being ‘fishers of men’.   There is a sheet attached to this post, which will guide you through these questions.  I would really like to see your work for this session please!


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Barter