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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Here is your home learning for Tuesday 12th January 2021

Term 3 Week 2

Tuesday 12th January 2021


Good morning Chestnut Class!

Reading for 30 minutes.  You can do this in shorter chunks if you wish.  Please note down what you have read in your yellow reading record.

Whole class reader – Please read chapter 2 of The Iron Man again.  Pick out any words you are not     familiar with and find out their meaning.  If you would like to, you could also listen to the chapter being read.  I attached a link to a youtube recording of this in this week’s overview.


English – Goblinology booklet.  Please complete the task ‘Wonderful Words’.  You will need to complete sentences to show you understand the definition of words that have been picked out of the Cloud Goblin report.  You will find this on pages 10 and 11 of the booklet.  Afterwards, I would like you pick out any other unfamiliar words from the report and research their meanings.  You will need to write a sentence for each word to demonstrate your understanding.


Maths – Today we will be subtracting lengths.  Here is the link to the teaching video:

Aut4.8.5 - Subtract lengths on Vimeo


I have attached the worksheet and answer sheet to this blog post.


Maths fluency – I have set a times table task on MyMaths.


Science – please watch the video lesson on Oak Academy:

How do particles behave inside solids, liquids and gases? (

Afterwards, please complete the quiz to check your learning.


Have a lovely day,

Mrs Barter