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Harrison's amazing poetry analysis

Harrison has sent me his task from this morning's English lesson - he has brilliantly summarised each verse of The Cuckoo AND managed to summarise the whole of the poem in one sentence!

Harrison Ansell



Ted Hughes – The Cuckoo



The poem is telling us a story about a Cuckoo tricking a Linnet into taking her egg and raising it so the Cuckoo doesn’t have to do it herself.


Stanza 1

It is setting up the story. Ted Hughes is introducing the Cuckoo and the Cuckoo is mean!


Stanza 2

The Cuckoo is tricking the Linnet into having her egg.


Stanza 3

The pill is a metaphor for egg. The Cuckoo tricks the Linnet into taking a fake cure for her sick egg.


Stanza 4

The Cuckoo is born! The Cuckoo chick kills the other eggs by pushing the eggs out the nest.


Stanza 5

The  chick is demanding the Linnet’s undivided attention so it can be fed.


Stanza 6

The Linnet has been tricked and now believes the chick is her own. The Linnet is getting tired.


Stanza 7

The chick is now full and does not need the Linnet any longer. The chick does not care for the Linnet.


Stanza 8

The chick has left the nest to join the other Cuckoos, leaving the Linnet heartbroken