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Term 3 Week 5

Here is the overview of your learning for Term 3 Week 5

Term 3 Week 5 - overview


Welcome to week 5 of our home learning provision.


Again, it was lovely to see many of you at story time on Thursday and the Holocaust memorial session run by Mr Mackinnon on Tuesday.  


There is a special event on Tuesday, which you will have been notified about on parentpay.


Tuesday 2nd February- 10:30am- ‘What to do on a walk’ 
FSC | Primary Nature Live | What to do on a walk - YouTube
This is a live session provided the Field Studies Council. Please join us on their YouTube channel to take part in this session. We will attach the resources that accompany this session to Tuesday’s blog post.  



Your learning this week will include:

Independent reading– 30 minutes per day and recorded in your yellow reading record.


Whole class reader– The Iron Man.  This week we will be reading chapter 5 and answering comprehension questions about it. I can’t believe it is the last chapter! It’s certainly an exciting one! I have again provided you with a pdf of the chapter and have highlighted the first word for each page of the original text.  I have also added the page number.  This will help when you answer the questions that refer to specific page numbers in the book I am using (faber and faber).

You might also want to listen to the chapter being read, following this link:

The Iron Man - Chapter 5 by Ted Hughes - YouTube



Spellings– We will be revising spelling words with the prefixes il, im, in and ir.  I will provide you with a link to the site Spellzone and you will also have some flash cards and definition sheets to help you learn and practise these words.


Grammar– This week we will be beginning a unit on punctuating speech.  I will as usual upload a powerpoint and sheets for Tuesday and Thursday  Please remember that while I have to upload a set of 3 sheets, I do not expect you to do all 3.  We would usually do sheet 2 in class but you may feel you want to challenge yourself further!


English– We will continue with the Goblinology booklet looking at using time adverbials in recipes and instructions.


Maths– We will be dividing by 100, multiplying and dividing by 1 and 0 and dividing by 1 and itself.   You will receive the link to a recorded lesson and the worksheets and answer sheets will be uploaded to the blog each day.


Maths fluency– I will continue to set math fluency activities which will mostly be practising times tables using a variety of platforms and activities.  This week I have a couple of new games suggestions for you!


Science– Using the Oak Academy teaching videos and quiz, we will be learning about melting and boiling points..


RE – We will be learning reflecting on how Christians try to live according to the example Jesus set. 


Topic– This week we will be thinking about how communities are made up of jigsaw pieces. You will be reflecting on this and creating your own jigsaw.


Art- We will be working on creating a 3D style hand picture.


ICT– I will set a keyboard skills activity on Purple Mash for you to complete in your scheduled session on Thursday


PE- Believe it or not, you will be working on climbing skills this week!  Horizontal climbing!