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Thursday 28th January

Remote learning for 28/01/21

Welcome to Thursdays remote learning. We are over half way through term 3 now! Well done everyone.


Have a listen to Chapter 4 part 2 of Stig of the Dump (it's me reading today!) and choose some of the questions attached to answer.


We are going to start writing a first draft of our instructions today using the plans we made yesterday. Please use the checklist added (success criteria instructions) at the bottom to make sure you include all the different features. If you want extra help please send your instructions to us and will give you feedback on how to improve. Tomorrow you will be asked to present your instructions as your best work.


Lets get our brains warmed up. Can you practice your 8 times table and division facts with an adult. 

As always there are 2 options. Option 2 is slightly easier than option 1. Please chose the most appropriate one. 

Option 1 and work on the worksheet 'divde by 8' worksheet

Option 2 and work on the 'divide by 5' worksheet

Wider curriculum. 

Todays wider curriculum in PE

In class we have been enjoying a bit of ‘Just Dance’ – here are a couple of links if you would like a go.

Alternatively; if you fancy something more chilled out Adrienne's yoga is lovely.