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Wednesday 27th January.

Remote learning for 27/01/21

Welcome to Wednesday's home learning. 

Reading - SPAG

Today we are exploring simple sentences with Oak Academy again. Please follow the link for today's session.


Today we are going to start planning our instructions about how to wash a woolly mammoth. Have a look at the planning sheet attached below. Use the sheet to record your ideas. Use the boxes at the bottom to record useful words and phrases, thinking back to the words you used last week.


Lets warm up our brains with a bit of number fluency.  Chose the 8 times table on the space game on and use the code CA0316 to access it.

As always there are 2 options. Option 1 is slightly harder than option 2. Please chose the one that is most appropriate to your child. 

Option 1.

and use the worksheet multiply by 8 

Option 2

and use the worksheet 'odd and even numbers'


Todays wider curriculum area is computing. Please log on to Purplemash and have a go at the typing games set on your 2dos.

We have spent a few weeks doing remote learning now and we are really impressed with how everyone is doing. If things are taking a very long time to complete please feel free to set a time limit and keep to it. For example 45 mins for Maths and finish when the time is up rather then finishing the whole sheet.