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Tuesday 19th January

Here is todays learning... 

Reading -  Please read for your usual 30 minutes today. Today we would also like you to listen to the next instalment of 'Stig of the Dump' using the link below

Have a go at answering the following questions about the chapter you have just listened to:

-What time of the year does this part of the story take place in? 

-Why did Barney feel sorry for Stig living in a cave at this time of year? 

- Which simile is used to describe the sound of the frozen leaves make in the copse? 

- What did Barney think was wrong with Stig at first? 

- What does Barney mean when he says 'wood warms you twice'? 

What does the way Stig and Barney work together tell us abut their developing relationship? 


English -  

Watch the video or read the instructions below

Have a look at the imperative verb cards attached below. Make sure you understand what each one means, use a dictionary to find out if you do not.

Look at page 2 of the book – can you use the verbs to explain different ways to clean different parts of the mammoth? 

Can you find something dirty in our house that needs cleaning? Maybe a toy. Give it a good clean. Use the verbs to help you write instructional sentences as to how you cleaned your object. Each sentence must start with an imperative verb.


Maths -  Please choose one of the options below. Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet. THe answers have been included so that you can check your work. 

Option 1 - multiply by 3

Option 2 - Sharing – equal groups (recap)


Wider curriculum - Today is RE, please see the attached sheet for the activity. 


As always, any problems please send us an email.