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Friday 22nd January

Remote learning for 22/01/21

Welcome to Friday's remote learning.

Reading - SPAG.

Today we are focusing on exploring prepositions. Please follow the link for today's Oak Academy session.


Re-watch 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth.

Can you see/ hear any of the following features? Are there any features that have been missed out?
A clear title. Numbered steps. A ‘what you need’ section. Imperative verbs. Prepositions. Helpful details (such as ‘Be careful to…). Diagrams.

Have a look at the instructions from yesterday, what features did it include? Can you annotate the instructions from yesterday to show the different features?


Lets warm up our brains with a game. Practice your division facts on

As always there are 2 options. Please chose the one most appropriate. 

Option 1 and complete the worksheet 'multiply by 4'.

Option 2 and complete the worksheet 'making equal groups'


Todays wider curriculum is science. 

Have a look at the challenge cards attached. Chose 2-3 (or more if you like) challenges to
answer. You can use the powerpoint from week 1 (reattached) and/or do your own independent
research online. You can record your findings however you like. This might be to create a fact
file, you might create a poster, a fact sheet, write a scientific report using headings and subtitles.

Well done (parents and children) on another week of remote learning! Have a wonderful weekend.