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Thursday 4th March

Remote learning for 04/03/21

Welcome to Thursdays remote learning.

Please join the live registration and English session at 9am.


Please log on to Sir Link a lot and download the Almost Angelou pack.

Our Login is: St Barnabas Kent.



We are now going to publish our information book about the stone age. You have a choice of adding more pages using the same format as the previous days this week. Or you can create a front cover, contents page and blurb for your book (I will cover these in the live session so please do join us).


Number fluency – Have a go at this game, this time can you use the ‘giving change’ section.

We have reached the end of our money topic. Have a look at the PowerPoint of problem-solving questions attached. Have a go at answering them. Let us know how you got on; did you enjoy this topic? What did you find easy/ difficult?

Wider curriculum.

Todays wider curriculum area is PE. Again I have given you a free choice session. Chose a way to move that you really enjoy. 

We are very nearly there. One more day of home learning!