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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday's Remote Learning 

Registration @ 9am

Join us today @ 9am for class registration. This will be a chance to go through todays learning on the blog and ask any questions about the day. 

Maths - Live lesson @ 9:10

Converting pounds to pence. Please join the live lesson today for help on how to master this. If you need more help after the lesson then follow the link below. Have a go at the worksheet attached.

Number fluency –

Can you make a 3- or 4-times table fortune teller? Instructions and a template are below.

English - 

Have a look at the attached checklist and the scanned copies of the pages from the books.

Can you identify all the features in the checklist? Tick them off for each page.

Reading - live today @11am 

Tune in @ 11am for the next instalment of Stig of the Dump.

We will then be answering the following questions

- Why did Granny spread sheets of newspaper over the table?

- What does the word ‘bounced’ tell the reader about the way Barney and Lou
entered the drawing room?

- Why do you think Barney suggested dressing as a caveman at the fancydress party?

- What does the description of Mrs Fawkham-Greene’s car tell us about her

- How does Barney use the marbles?

- How did Barney use the mop to add to his costume?

Wider Curriculum - RE

Please see the attached document on Humanism