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Friday 12th February

Remote learning for 12/02/21

We made it! The last day of term!! We are so proud of you all for working so hard and coping so well. It's been a real learning journey so far. After half term we will be adding in live registration leading in to a teaching session every Mon-Thurs at 9am. 

Reading - SPaG

We are investigating more about suffixes in the past and present tense. 


How to publish your story – Have a look at the attached document for suggestions on how to make your story into a book.

Will you type it up?

Make a flow chart story?

Make a book?

Include pictures?

How you want your story to be seen and read is completely up to you. Please send us your finished stories, we would love to have a read and put some on the blog for others to read.


Well done!! It is the last day of term! Chose one of the mindful colouring sheets to complete.

Wider Curriculum. 

Today our wider curriculum would normally be science. However, it is the last day of term and we do normally have a treat. So today your activity is to do something you love for the afternoon. You might want to watch a film, do some baking, junk model, go for a walk or a bike ride. Whatever you really enjoy doing! If you would like to send us some pictures for the blog we'd love to see them.