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Friday 5th February

Remote learning for 05/02/21

Only one week left now, you are all doing so well (parents included!)

Reading - SPAG.

Today we are exploring apostrophes again. Follow the link for the Oak Academy session.


Look at the attached document called – The Preposition Game It relates to the story The Stone Tolls. Have a go at the activities.


Lets warm our brains up by practising our times tables with a grown up.

Option 1

Please complete either the sheets you have not completed so far or play the monopoly game with a family member.

Option 2

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.


Todays wider curriculum area is science. If you would like to you can re-read the powerpoint from last week (I have attached it again). Today you will need the timeline you drew last week. Use the information from the powerpoint and the timeline from last week to create your own explanation of how fossils are formed. Remember to use your own words, don't just copy the words from the powerpoint. I'd love to see what you have created.