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Wednesday 3rd February

The remote learning for 03/02/21.

Welcome to the home learning for Weds. 

Reading - spag.

Today we are learning about complex sentences. These will be really useful to use in your writing.


Re read the story ‘The Stone Trolls’ from Monday. Have a go at the reading quiz attached and the ‘odd-one-out’ game.


Please practice your times table and division facts with a grown up. 

Option 1

We need a little more consolidation time on multiplication and division facts for 3,4, and 8. I have attached an activity booklet with some lovely consolidation activities. Please chose 1 or 2 sheets to complete for the 4 times table.

Option 2

and work on the attached worksheet.


In today's wider curriculum area we will be focusing on PSHE, really concentrating on wellbeing. Being in lockdown can make things feel really tricky. Our emotions might be a little all over the place and mixed up. It's totally normal, even grown ups feel this way. So for a bit we are going to look at how we can listen to our emotions, recognise them, accept them and learn to live with them. These are really important life skills. 

Have a listen to the story on youtube

Today I would like you to design and make your own colour monster. This can be an ongoing project and doesn't need to be finished today. You can draw one or simply colour the one I have attached. Or you can let your creativity wild; junk model one, use modelling clay, lego, sew one. Whatever you would like. The idea is to have fun and create a little companion who you can share your worries with.