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Monday Challenge: 15th June

For this activity, you'll need:

  • a piece of paper
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • some coloured pencils or pens

Using your pencil and ruler, draw some straight lines on your piece of paper to make an interesting pattern. You can draw as many or as few as you like. This is what I drew:


Can you find any shapes which have three sides?

How about any with four sides?

What about 5 sides?

What about 6 sides?

Are there any shapes with more than 6 sides? If not, can you add lines so a shape with more than 6 sides is created? 

Can you name the shapes you have made?

(e.g. triangle, quadrilateral etc)

Using your coloured pencils or pens, decorate all the three-sided shapes in some way. You could colour them all in using a particular colour or you could cover them with a special design or pattern.

Can you decorate all the four-sided shapes in another, different, way?

How about the five-sided/six-sided ... shapes? etc


If you would like to send your work into me, please use the following email address: dailychallenge@st-barnabas-kent,